Day 2- Our First Work Day

All teams got to experience their first work today today! With the majority of the team being new people, there was a lot of eye-opening experiences and it’s safe to say that everyone is already forming bonds that will last far beyond this trip. There is a lot of laughing happening in the dining hall as we unwind from our day and prepare to enjoy the next. Taking a half day and splitting for the beach was a great relief from the heat as well!


Check out DRMT veteran Susanne Jordan’s impressions from the last 36 hours:


Experiencing the DR for the 5th time….some things are the same, other things are different.  Still a long travel day on little sleep with no relief from the heat and the humidity – ready for bed at 9:30 pm which you all know is not me.  Refreshed and up the next day, greeted by familiar faces, uplifted by morning prayer and praise, and then treated to the ladies’ famous oatmeal breakfast!  Different?  Different this year is traveling with my entire  family; all of us agreeing to serve the Lord together on this very important mission.  We got off to a rocky start with Jillian travelling with a 24 hour bug, but she is much better.  So excited to see and hear her impressions of the bateys and her work with the med team.  Also different is our team this year, so many new faces, missing so many of the regulars, but excited to get to know new people and to work with an almost brand new medical team!  Different, maybe some of the experiences over the last couple of days and impressions about different things; however, the same, the camaraderie we are all experiencing and the reward of helping, loving and caring for truly the poorest of the poor.  Please continue to hold all of us in prayer…..


Team A- Hospital

Team A- Hospital

Team FTE
Team FTE




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