By blessing others…we were blessed!

This afternoon we visited Francisco and Pilar, our adopted grandparents. They have both been feeling ill (at 88 & 89 years old) and they said they were praying that we would visit them soon. Our group had the opportunity to pray with them. They always bless us much more than we could ever bless them. Their spirit and love for their eternal life is awe-inspiring to witness.

“Christ is Coming soon!” — writing on the wall

We then got to visit the kids we sponsored at the Joe Hartman School. Every child that was present got paired up with the American sponsoring them (or a stand in, representing the American sponsoring them). Joy overflowed at kilometer 6 for the 90+ minutes we spent with these amazing children.

Elza Phanord & her daughter, Jessica were presented a check for $15,000 by our team. Mimi Janus, the primary leader in finding American sponsors presented the check.

The Powers’ family with their 2 sponsored kids, Josh’s child, & Lyvia & Don King’s child.

Rachel Brown with one of the seven children that Quinnipiac University students sponsored.

Cindy & Tom Oppelt’s beautiful & spunky sponsor child.

Becca Diaz with her cousin, Sarah Bugai’s, sponsor child.

Krissy & her “adopted child for the day.” No child was left out with our group of 80+.

Mimi & Ben McClain with their kids!



— Josh Powers —


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