Sunday: from the eyes of a Nurse

Earlier today we went to visit Pilar & Francisco on Batey 205 ( they are an 88-89yr old couple that live alone in an old Batey that has since moved on) it’s amazing how they take care if each other – He is her eyes,and she cares for him so much. They have a beautiful love for The Lord and are truly encouraging. THEN… we went to the Joe Hartman school on Kilometer 6 to meet the kids. Leni is Kevin & my sponsored kid and he was the cutest! He walked right into my arms and his smile & laughter could fill a room. I’m so glad I got to meet him and love on him for a little while. Pastor Doug preached a great sermon at the church in Kilometer 6 under the stars, unfortunately I got to work earlier than expected when a young girl had a syncopal episode in front of me & was unresponsive for a very long time- we were able to rush her to the hospital in the back of Emilio’s truck & Cory Kroon, Brian Mezick & I got back to the dorms pretty late once she was more stable. They will keep her for observation, so we pray for healing for her & comfort for her family. Tomorrow we head out to Batey 50 for our 1st med clinic. Please pray for us, this Batey is the poorest we see and we often run into serious medical problems there. Grant us the wisdom to make the right choices in our provision of medical care tomorrow. Gotta be up in 5 hrs, I should probably hit the hay. Buenos noches!



— Crystal Gerace —


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