Today after our work day I received a special visit from Jose Luis (if you don’t know the story, Jose is a patient I took care of last yr with a broken femur) He is recovering well from the surgery & is weight bearing on the leg but still using crutches for support and follows up every 3 mos with the orthopedic doctor @ the good Sam. Unfortunately he’s been having more pain lately because he ran out of medication and is on it a lot at work. (Praise God he is able to work & provide for his family again!) We were able to give him ibuprofen to help. He is now living in La Romana with his wife & 18 mo old daughter and just a few days ago brought his elderly mother over from Haiti to take care if her as he is her only son, I will meet her tomorrow to see how we can help her as Jose tells us she has many medical problems. He and his wife are also expecting a baby girl next month! Jose is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, he was so happy to see everyone and extends his thanks to everyone who has helped support this team. We also got to have a fun time, he plays guitar and sings at his church so Jon Masella brought down his guitar  & we sang a few praise songs together & it was a really sweet time. Special thanks to Junior Belisea for arranging our meeting today #DRMT13


One thought on “Today after our work day I received a

  1. These are the kind of reports that really show what it means to build a relationship. Praise God that Jose is able to work and provide for his family and praise that you are able to minister to him again this year.

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