DR Mission Team Sending 119 Volunteers

Fifty for 50

One of the five new homes being built in Batey 50 as part of the “Fifty for 50” program.

Batey 50 project

This area of land in Batey 50 will be used for a sustainable food program with water being pumped to irrigate the crops using a solar-powered pump.

Batey 50 school

The new school is finished in Batey 50.

Beginning June 27, the Wallingford, Conn. based DR Mission Team will be sending 119 volunteers to serve the poor in the bateyes and barrios surrounding La Romana. While there, the group will engage in a variety of projects to help those in need including construction projects at the Good Samaritan Hospital and the Joe Hartman School, building five new homes in Batey 50, providing food to the hungry in nine different bateyes, running seven desperately-needed medical clinics for people without any access to healthcare, establishing a sustainable food project in Batey 50, sharing the Gospel and supporting pastors and deacons of the church, installing life-saving biosand water filters, and working with children and teachers to enhance educational programs.

Follow along from June 27 to July 12 at drmissionteam.org or on social media using the hashtag #DRMT14.


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