A Special Kind of People

I am back home now and I can’t stop thinking about my trip especially, all the people left behind.  I keep picturing their smiles every time they see us coming.  They have such joy even though life is so hard for them.  I always feel bad for the kids that are on the other side of the gate when we have our gathering at Joe Hartman. They have touched me in a way I can’t explain.  I feel so blessed to be able to make someone smile or share my lunch with a couple of the kids.  The parents seem so grateful that we pay a little attention to their son or daughter.  One of the fathers that Shannon and I sponsor took Shannon out from where she was playing and opened up a coconut and poured the juice from it into her month.  They have nothing yet he found a way to show her how much he appreciated us taking care of his son.  The mom who would give her son to us and wanted us to take him to the United States just so he could have a better life.  How selfless!  They are a special kind of people.  Hard workers, joyful, and appreciative. I miss them and the feeling of love all around.  God has not forgotten them and neither will I.

Laurie Hinman

For more info on the DR Mission Team, please visit drmissionteam.org or search #DRMT15 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 


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